Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our first swim

So, Grasyn had her first official swim in the big people pool today. We kinda thought she would love the water as she is amazed by the water coming out of the faucet during bath time and when her and daddy go water the yard outside she does not mind getting a little wet in the process.

We took her to Mrs. Blackie-Sengel's house (Brad mows her yard and takes care of her horses a few days week) and daddy and Grasyn inched on in and she just stared at the water for the first few minutes trying to figure it out. Then once in, she loved it! No splashing yet, but I am sure that is to come once we get more active and mobile.
Once out of the pool it was time to eat....I guess it is true....Swimming makes one hungry. She got a little grumpy on us, but all in all, it was a successful swim!

Grasyn is 5 months old now and is becoming more and more alert at things around her and more mobile every day. She has mastered rolling from back to tummy and then back to the back. Just a little longer and she will be sitting on her own.....Wow, just can't believe this has gone by so fast. Just tonight Brad and I were looking at old pictures of her and reminiscing over the day of her birth and how much she has changed.

We love our little fish!


The Logan Clan said...

the pictures are precious...glad to see blogging is going well...she is so dang cute...she definately loves the water more than mine

Anonymous said...

Oh man, the pressure is on now! i HAVE to figure out how to upload pictures and quickly! Of course, the only pictures I have right now are ultrasound pictures but before too long I will want everyone to see our little princess too. I can't wait for her and Grasyn to go swimming together!!