Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quick Updates

So, the July 4th weeknd has come and gone. My how time does fly! As usual we were pretty much constantly on the go. Friday, the 4th, we went to visit our friend Julie at her parents house here in Brenham. They were having a bash for her nephew combined with the 4th. It was great to just hang out by their pool and enjoy the good food and oh....Mommy loved the drink that Julie and her sister made, so much so I made it the next night!!

After hanging out there for a while, it was back home to re-group and then we walked over to our neighbor's house for more visiting, food and drinks and then it ended with Fireworks!! Grasyn's first ever......she did quite well. Brad held her and she just kinda stared into the crying!!! She get kinda fussy though, so that was our cue to head back home, just in time for a bath and bottle and bed!!

Saturday, it was off to College Station to do a little shopping and then once back in Brenham, we stopped by the country, where Nana, Pops, Aunt Lo and Addison were painting the old country house. After helping out there, at least Brad helped....Grasyn and I just kinda assisted as needed, it was time for the little gals to take naps. It was back home and then we headed downtown to listen to Big Otis at the Hot Nights Cool Tunes. A wee bit warm, but it was fun to see everyone down there.

With all that, Sunday was a day to relax. We just kinda hung out and went to lunch with Mike and Terry and that was about it.

So, here we are almost at the next weekend....we are without Daddy this weekend. He went to LA (no not the Cali one), to play golf and gamble. So, it will be a Mommy and Grasyn weekend...we shall see how it goes. We already miss Daddy and he just left.....looking forward to his return on Sunday!

The pics show how Grasyn is getting better at sitting on her own before taking the tumble, how eating veggies are going (we are getting much better though) and then Daddy and Grasyn in their red, white and blue on the 4th.